About us

Amrut Energy Private Limited, headquartered in Ahmedabad, is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of solar solutions in India. Started in the year 2014, Amrut Energy Private Limited has amassed a respectable position for itself. Some of the product we make includes Solar Power System, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar EPC, Solar Structure etc. We have recruited a very experienced team for the designing and engineering of these products and rely on using only highest-grade quality components in their production.

India ranks third in oil consumption with 212.7 million tons in 2016 after USA and China. With soaring International crude prices, prices in petrol & diesel have also increased in past few months. Due to CO2 emissions, it is not desirable nor economically sustainable to continue usage of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Amrut Energy Private Limited provides wold class renewable energy solutions, services, technology and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


Amrut Energy Private Limited provides eco friendly solar powered solutions which are non-polluting, efficient and noiseless. Thus, it helps in reducing carbon footprint and helps save our planet for future generations.

Our solar solutions are very economical. Once installed, the energy from solar is practically free.
Since our solar solutions helps you to generate your own electricity and do not require electricity from grid. Thus, take the first step and become independent from the power grid.

Our Infrastructure

With help of high-tech infrastructure facilities, we are able to meet bulk and urgent demands of clients. All of our departments such as manufacturing, designing, quality testing, warehousing, packaging & sales work in close proximity with each other to bring consistency and efficiency in our business operations.

Our Team

We have hired a team of highly knowledgeable, qualified and experienced professionals. Our very supportive professionals always stays in touch with the clients to resolve their queries. We, at Amrut Energy Private Limited, continuously improve our efficiency, quality and technology.


We believe in commitment, innovation & quality. Amrut Energy Private Limited has been leading in the photovoltaic technology innovation with Solar Submersible Pumps and Solar LED Street Light. Innovation is at the heart of our organization as our teams look to create new ways to innovate and create business value for customers. Thus we seek to collaborate with long-term partners who are willing to invest and help us in bringing these innovation to the market.