Solar Off Grid System

Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) produces DC electricity directly from the sunlight and is extremely simple to operate and maintain. They have a long operating life wide highly reliable and trouble free performance. These are totally noiseless and do not produce any environmental pollution or ecological imbalance. This energy sources are totally modular in nature, therefore, the cost per unit installed capacity does not depend very much on the size of the Power Plant. All these important advantages make Solar Photovoltaic Electricity eminently suitable for Various important applications. SPV electricity may turn out to be the ideal solution, particularly in remote location, where grid transmitted and centrally generated electricity is unlikely to be economical, and where the availability of such electricity cannot be guaranteed on reliable basis. This is due to the fact that the fuel, i.e. The sunlight is available right at place of use and it does not require qualified technical personnel to operate and maintain the SPV energy source. Indeed, Solar Photovoltaic are rightly projected as one of the most important renewable energy source to the supplement and compliment the electrical energy requirements of the dispersed and energy-deficient population living in the remote and inaccessible areas.

System PV Module Solar PCU Battery Structure
500 W 250x2 850VA 150Ahx1 GI
1 KWA 250Wx4 1KWA 150Ahx2 GI
2 KWA 250Wx8 2KWA 150Ahx8 GI
5KWA 250Wx20 5KWA 150Ahx16 GI
10KWA 250Wx40 10KWA 150Ah

  • Battery bank Depend upon customer requirement and design
  • We provide customize solution also